Run Day 26 – It’s Never Too Late

Today’s run was just a jog around the neighborhood of Old Cloverdale.  I ventured down to my mom’s bakery and then to Alabama State University.  I explored some new streets that I probably won’t be going down again.  I ran in my glasses today which means my focus was very wobbly.  All I can say, it wasn’t the best.  I felt very slow which Nike Run confirmed noting my pace at 12’33”/mile (3.25 miles in 40:54 minutes).  Ugh!  I’m not sure what’s going on.  It could be the weather or the walking I’ve substituted some days.  I’m not sure.  Either way, the countdown is on – four more days until the end of my challenge.

Stay strong,



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Run Day 25 – Shakespeare Revisited


In observance of my day of rest, I decided to take another trot around the path at the Alabama Shakespeare Festival. This time I was able to convince another friend of mine to join me. She lives walking distance from the park. So, we started at her house and went around the entire path and back completing 3.69 miles in 1 hour 6:05 minutes. On our walk, we saw a dog in a stroller!!! I guess I have to take back what I said about Florida dogs.

Good job Shaneika! Hope you make it out again this week!

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Run Days 20-24 – Turkey Day Classic 2012

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It’s been a looong time.  I know, I know.  It was my homecoming at Alabama State University.  We call it Turkey Day Classic.  The entire week was dedicated to celebrating ASU’s alumni, and they have a full day of activities planned the entire week.  In addition, my beautiful Sorors of the Beta Eta Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. were celebrating 75 years!  Amazing right?!  AND, it was my mom’s bakery’s first Thanksgiving.  So, guess who was extremely busy.  Let’s just say I’ve been sleeping for the last two days.  I bet the number one question on everyone’s mind though is, “Did you run?”  Well, let’s see.

Run Day 20 – Yikes!  I did not run.  I spent 24 hours on bakery duty.  I now know how difficult it is for small business owners in the food industry to have time for themselves (SN: there is a better way!).

Run Day 21 – Today was the ASU Homecoming 20/20 Fitness Trek organized by my Soror Arlesa Houser and I.  Let me remind you I’ve been up for 24 hours!  I got two hours of sleep, made a Zija bomb (SmartMix mixed with XM3), and then hopped up to make it to campus in time to meet everyone.  We had a good turnout (well, I think so), and actually introduced one new person to the world of running.  She’s now joined the Tampa, FL group of Black Girls Run (BGR).  Congrats Kim!  Can’t wait to see your progress the next time we meet!  I also met some fabulous ladies from BGR Alabama who have motivated me to get up in the AM and run.  LOL!  I’m still working on it Shannon!  With our photographer on deck (*inside joke*), we completed 3.20 miles around our beautiful new campus.  When I put on my dress that evening for the Delta event, I thought I was doing something.  HA!  It pays to stay active!

Run Day 22 – Game Day!  Now, I don’t know if this technically counts, but I spent two hours walking around ASU’s campus.  I think it should.  This was the best ASU game I’ve ever attended!  Why?  I dug deep and pulled a “Fatimah” as my former co-workers would say.

  1. Scored free parking – I told the security guard that I really needed to get to the band room.  Someone was anxiously awaiting my arrival, and I had to see her.  This was true.  She had my ticket 🙂  When I got there, I saw all of these empty parking spaces.  Hmmm…I don’t see any no parking signs or parking passes on any of the cars currently there?  I’m going to park.
  2. Scored a free ticket – It’s good to be Beta Eta, especially of Spring 2001!  Why?  Because, we were involved in everything!!!  Which means, I got an extra ticket from someone who was participating in the band 😉
  3. Scored club level seating – (Repeat) It’s good to be Beta Eta!  My plan was to mingle and shuffle during the whole game, never really taking up a seat (conflict-free life!).  So, my first mingle was with some ladies in the club section.  How’d I get in?  Sorry, I have to keep some secrets.  Now, there was seat drama when I arrived.  Hollee had several seats (in my Tamar Braxton voice), and two were being occupied by an older couple.  They were not moving.  It died down until the rest of Hollee’s family arrived to take their seats.  Well, I politely dismissed myself (since I knew this wasn’t my seat) to move onto my next mingle session when Hollee said, “No, stay right there!”  Now, I just knew the fight was about to begin.  So, I calmly excused myself to the concession stand.  I got a call later to come back.  I don’t know what happened to the old couple.  But when I returned, there was one seat.  Thanks Hollee!!!  I hope you didn’t throw that couple over the rail – new nickname “Bouncer.”  LMBO!!

After the game, which we lost in our brand spanking new stadium, we hurried over to the stone to bond with our sisters (*singing* – We are the Deltas.  Heeyyyy, of Beta Eta).  It was such a beautiful sight to see all of those years come together and show love.  Nothing else matters if it’s not about sisterhood – Beta Eta None Greater!!!

Run Day 23 – I was supposed to get up and run with the BGR girls, but I was so tired.  I got a surprise visitor that night from a friend.  So, I convinced them to walk around with me in downtown Montgomery while we talked and caught up.  We could only stand the cold for 30 minutes though.

Run Day 24 – I made it!  I made it!  I met the BGR girls at 7:30 AM at Shakespeare Park for a quick run logging 3.92 miles in 46:20 minutes, and met another awesome runner from Atlanta.  I definitely need to become more involved with this group back in Florida.

Whew!  That was a lot to report.  See you soon,




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Run Day 19 – Blast Aerobics & Zumba


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It’s Turkey Day!  Okay, not officially, but in Montgomery, AL there is an entire week of festivities centered around Alabama State University’s homecoming.  I love it!  This year I vowed to partake in as more activities.  The first was a Blast Aerobics class led by one of my sorority sisters Missy White.  Now, Missy and I go way back.  I mean waaaayyyy back.  I think she’s known me since high school.  She was one of the first people in fitness I was exposed to, and I can probably say that being a part of the World Gym staff (family) at an early age is the reason I am so health conscious.  Yes people, I worked at a gym.  Then, it was required that all staff worked out three times a week and was well-versed on all of the equipment.  Didn’t know I had those skills, huh?  So when she posted on Facebook that she wanted all ASU alumni to kick off the week with her class, you know I had to support.  Let me tell ya!!!  At first, I thought I would still run after the class.  Honey, she worked us out!  Trust me.  We did enough running, jumping, jogging, hopping, skipping to count as two runs.  Thank goodness I was smart enough to take a shot of XM3 before class.  I had so much energy I convinced her to do abs and joined her for Zumba!  Whoo!  But, it was well worth it!  Thanks Missy for planting those seeds way back when, and I’m excited about sharing in your journey to help more people.



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Run Day 17 & 18 – Wal-mart/B’day Walk

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Yesterday was another travel day.  My day started at 2:00 AM packing and cleaning, shuttle at 7:00 AM, flight at 9:00 AM, lunch, and then a drive from GA to AL.  Then, guess who forgot their running shoes?!  This required a trip to Dick’s for new shoes.  Weelllll….since we were already in the area, what time is the next showing of Breaking Dawn Part 2, Siri?  2:00 PM – that’s now, which meant a trip to the movies (it was so worth it).  Through the excitement of seeing my loved ones, the day lingered on until I realized at 11:30 PM that I had not completed my run/walk for the day.  It was too cold and dark to walk outside, and I’m not a member of any gym in AL.  I didn’t know anyone who had a treadmill, let alone would allow me to use it at midnight.  After much thought, I decided to take my walk 13 miles away to the nearest 24-hour Wal-mart.  No matter what, right?  Now, I’m sure all the associates stocking the shelves after hours thought I looked pretty weird briskly strutting up and down every aisle and not stopping to look at anything, but I was determined to make sure I got at least a walk in, logging 1.33 miles in 33:33 minutes.

While there, I picked up some flowers and a birthday card for a special someone’s b’day.  I know flowers aren’t that manly, but the balloon selection at midnight sucked.  When I got home, I burst in the door bearing my gifts and a happy birthday song.  Happy Birthday, Roderick!  Later that day, we took a relaxing stroll around the neighborhood to celebrate – 3.80 miles in 1 hour 23:42 minutes.

*singing* and many more!!!

Again Happy Birthday,


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Run Day 15 & 16 – Halfway Point


“Halfway Point!” – Don’t you just love it when your app says that! I get so excited. I think I even speed up a little on the way back. I’m halfway through my challenge. These past couple of days I’ve been preparing to go back out of town and have been networking. It always feels like once something becomes your routine you kind of start slacking in its completion. For me, it’s posting about my runs. Even though I’ve recognized this, I’m skeptical whether I will address the problem. We’ll see. I want to; but wanting and doing are two different things. I guess we’ll see later this evening if I post about RAD #17.

RAD #15 – walk on the treadmill of death

RAD #16 – 3.08 miles in 30:07 minutes

See ya!


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Run Day 14 – A Different Breed

Notice the stroller to the left.

Dog encounters in Florida are a bit different than dog encounters in Alabama (check AL dogs out here).  Dogs in my neighborhood are usually much smaller for condo living.  They’re ALWAYS on a leash or in stroller.  Yup, you heard me people, stroller.  At first, I would try to sneak a peek at the cute baby inside and out would pop this furry little head.  These dog strollers find there way into malls, restaurants, anywhere where a baby stroller goes.  I’ve even seen the biggest rabbit on the planet in a stroller at the mall!  Now, I’m going to rationalize that having the dog in a stroller at public places mirrors the same concept as having them in a big bag or purse.  But, I need some help wrapping my brain around using them outdoors.  Why would you take your dog for a “walk” outside in a stroller?  Now, a good answer could be that the dog has issues walking.  Okay!  But sometimes, I see them walking alongside the stroller or jumping around in the stroller!  I watch Dogs 101 and every breed they discuss tell you dogs need exercise, especially if they’re cooped up inside all day.  I’m still searching for the profound answer.

On another note, thanks to my XMam I ran my fastest 5K to date (28:03 minutes – I think the seconds may be off).  Whoo-hoo!



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